Remote control via eWON

SieTec is the system integrator of industrial eWON routers. An industrial router via VPN connection ensures a good connection with your installation. eWON allows your to browse data remotely via the internet and to send messages via – among others – e-mail, FTP, SMS and SNMP. This way, you are quickly informed about possible malfunctions or process alarms and it allows you to determine which discipline is necessary to get your installation back on track.

eWON provides both the local data logging as the router function. It allows full connectivity of TCP / IP towards industrial devices, such als PLCs, test and measurement equipment, camera systems, analyzers and industrial refrigerators with Profibus, Modbus and other protocols.


Talk2M (Talk 2 Machines) is an interesting internet service. This is designed to enable the growing demand for broadband and wireless access for remote maintenance. The main added value of Talk2M is the full integration of the IT security standards. It uses an internet communication tunnel between the user and the remote machine without changing the IT security on both sides of the network.

By using our remote maintance, you get the most out of your maintenance organization. Besides sales, SieTec also rents eWONs. Please feel free to inform for the possibilities of EWON or request a free eWON demonstration.