Migration of Siemens PLC

SieTec specializes in the migration of Siemens SIMATIC S5 PLC to S7 PLC. Many companies use highly reliable machines and equipment which are often operated by outdated PLC and HMI control systems. When this obsolete control equipment breaks or shows malfunctions, this can lead to prolonged production downtime. Spare parts and specialized personnel are harder to find and the overall software system is now not longer supported by the supplier. This often leads to even more downtime during troubleshooting.

Upgrade to SIMATIC S7 PLC

The Siemens SIMATIC S5 PLC serie was succeeded in 1995 by the Siemens SIMATIC S7. Since the SIMATIC 5 is applied  on a very large scale wordwide, Siemens guarenteed the availability of S5 until 2015.

An upgrade of your automation system of SIMATIC S5 PLC to S7 PLC is desirable if you wish to avoid prolonged downtime of your production process and save costs. Many companies make use of spare parts, but forget that the most critical components in the control process are very scarce and expensive. This scarce software leads to a very long downtime of the production process. In the worst case, the costs are many times higher than a totally new control system.

Modernizing and optimizing your machine or production plant generates cost saving benefits. With the migration to SIMATICS S7 you can also continue to use the accumulated knowledge and experience.

Please feel free to inform for the possibilities to realize a more efficient production process for your company with an upgrading.