SieTec works closely with several leading manufacturers and suppliers of operating systems. As our partner, they provide us with the knowledge, tools and maximum support that is needed to make our projects a success. They also ensure that SieTec is the first to be up to date on the latest developments within the sector. This collaboration enables us to provide you with even better and faster automation solutions.


SieTec creates integral automation solutions with Siemens components as its basis. Having the expertise of Siemens products and services in the automation market, our solutions offers you the highest quality, absolute reliability, a clear innovation lead and technological competency.

For us, Siemens is the industrial partner we can count on. Siemens has a broad market experience and a comprehensive range of hardware and software specifically designed for industrial processes and technological services. Siemens and our employees are pleased to pay you a visit and answer all your questions in person.

In addition to providing service on the trusted systems from the Siemens S5 and S7 series, SieTec is the partner to go to for projects based on TIA portal and PCS 7.

Technische Unie

As technical wholesaler, the Technische Unie is the supplier of a wide and deep range of electrotechnical products to deliver automation solutions for small and comprehensive projects. Think of cables, relays and remotes. If desired, the products can be delivered to your business location in the Netherlands.

SieTec controls the entire automation process from design to implementation, optimization and maintenance. Our clients attach great importance to productivity, reliability and efficiency. Therefore, maintenance and troubleshooting are of utmost importance to our clients. Technische Unie is a reliable partner who supports us with a continuous  supply on a local and national level. Urgent orders for malfunctions are faultless being delivered to our warehouse the next morning. This process allows us to maintain an optimal service level to our clients.