Mission & vision


As well as Service and Solution Provider than as a Full-service System Integrator SieTec wants to be a reliable partner of both regional and international clients. With the intention to provide support where possible to improve their industrial automation systems, maintain, inspect and give advice to stakeholders, to relieve them. As a full service system integrator, we ensure continuity and stability of your installation. We strive to do this by working with the best products and well-trained and motivated staff, who are both independently and in a team able to work focused and solution-oriented.


SieTec wants to be the best Service and Solution Provider and the best Full Service System Integrator in industrial automation. In the future, we have the ambition to expand our leading regional position over a larger part of our country and in Belgium.


We want to do what we do best, such as service, maintenance, design and realization of complete control systems. We distinguish ourselves by the specialized technology knowledge of Siemens and our innovative custom solutions. By fast service, Service Level Agreements and with the remote login capabilities we can even respond faster to help our customers with downtime savings.