As a client you want certainty in terms of safety, quality and sustainability. SieTec is aware of the latest developments in the areas of regulatory and  legal requirements and possess the necessary certifications. This gives you the assurance that the design, installation, commissioning, inspection and service meet the highest requirements. Naturally, all our employees are professionally trained for their work and training is an important part of our business operations.


SieTec works according to the guidelines by VCA (Safety, Health & Environment Checklist for Contractors). Wherever we operate in the world, safe working conditions are priority at SieTec. Safety requirements at work, trained colleagues, toolbox meetings, certified tools and the right personal protective equipment are all part of our company policy.

In 2014, SieTec was certified with VCA* (1 star). All our engineers are in possession of either the certificate competence basic safety (B-VCA), or a diploma Safety for Operational Managers VCA (VOL-VCA).


SieTec is member of UNETO-VNI: the industry association and the knowledge centre for the installing compagnies and technical retailers. Our clients set out stringent demands in respect of our technical products and solutions. UNETO-VNI makes very high quality demands on the expertise and therewith the quality of its members. The members are characterized by their innovative strenght and problem-solving capabilities. UNETO-VNI focuses on technical requirements for installation concepts, products and services via regulation, standardization and certification. Herewith, SieTec maintains the high level of service: we are in compliance with the code of conduct, we stay up to date through trainings and studies and we work according to the latest legal guidelines.


SieTec is recognized by Kenteq as a certified learning company. As a accredited training company, we guarantee and encourage the quality of technical craftsmanship. Kenteq is the knowledge center for technical craftsmanship  in which knowledge centers, vocational education and industry are united. We are well aware that good technically trained personnel in the future will be increasingly scarce. For SieTec it is of major importance to invest in (future) professionals.

By offering traineeships, SieTec wants to contribute to the training of versatile and motivated professionals who might start working with us in the future.